Stroebel Op-Ed on Presidential Race

When President Trump was sworn in, many of us were skeptical.  While certain aspects of his administration have left much to be desired, it is clear he has protected American sovereignty.  He stood proudly with the pro-life community, fought back against attempts to gut the 2nd Amendment, and boldly directed his administration to protect religious liberty.  He worked with Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan to pass tax reform creating historic economic growth.  His foreign policy has resulted in almost no foreign entanglements and a renewed respect for American military and diplomatic strength.  And maybe most importantly and long lasting, his administration has nominated, and Senate allies have confirmed, jurists that respect the plain text of the Constitution.

To be clear, his tweets too often lead to unnecessary distractions, and the lack of fiscal discipline must be addressed.  However, the list of accomplishments above have been well documented and is exponentially longer.  And frankly, this election is about more than a simple comparison of policy positions.

Ozaukee and Washington County voters must ask themselves what makes this area special.  To most, lower taxes, freedom from overbearing government regulators, respect for traditional family values, high performing schools and public safety are the answer.  And these are the very values and principles Joe Biden and his progressive running mate are committed to eliminating.  They are committed to raising taxes on businesses and individuals by trillions of dollars.  There appears to be almost no progressive cultural war they aren’t willing to advance.  They are likely open to completely restructuring the federal judiciary by packing the Supreme Court in retaliation for the likely Barrett confirmation.  Instead of supporting education standards, they seem bent on lowering expectations in the name of equality.  And what should be most shocking, they are apparently unfazed when Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA protestors destroy American cities.

Over the last four years, while the President’s tweets or demeanor may have been upsetting to some, what ultimately matters are the policies implemented.  And on that count, the record is clear.  Unlike career politicians, President Trump has remained faithful to the core principles and policies he ran on.  Even during this pandemic, certain voters seem shocked the President has been unwilling to simply propose platitudes to make the electorate feel good.  His opponent proclaims he would have done things differently but offers no substantive alternatives – unless of course, he intends on forcing nationwide shutdowns that would further cripple the economy.  The President has been unwilling to make such a proclamation because he knows despite it potentially making voters “feel good,” it would have far greater destructive consequences.  Instead, a measured federal response with state and local governments taking the lead to account for local variances was the appropriate response.

Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty President Rick Esenberg recently framed the election in the following terms: “[t]here is an old saying that, if you want a friend in politics, get a dog. Similarly, if you want a hero, go watch a movie. We are, in the end, faced with a binary choice.”  While I know some of my Ozaukee and Washington County neighbors may have preferred the President to be a more calming presence, the choice in this election is clear.  Donald Trump has protected American interests abroad, defended the unborn, and stood for law and order more than any administration in modern history.  His opponent has a 47-year record of saying almost anything to attain higher office.  In these uncertain times, we need a President that believes in American exceptionalism to his core.  I urge you to support the President November 3rd.