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Duey Family Pic

A Citizen Legislator And Proven Leader

A lifelong resident of the 8th Senate District, Duey Stroebel built his business from the ground up, creating good-paying jobs and giving back to his community to make it, along with Wisconsin as a whole, stronger. Duey began his private sector experience when he was in high school by saving and investing in property at a very young age. Duey was taught the Wisconsin ethics of hard work, the value of a dollar, and to never spend more than what is taken in. After graduating from Cedarburg High School, he earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and started a real estate management and development business.

Since becoming a citizen legislator in 2011, Duey has used his private-sector experience to reduce costs, lower spending, and demand accountability for the use of taxpayer funds. In December 2017, Duey was appointed to the Legislature’s budget-writing committee (the Joint Committee on Finance), and has served as the Senate Vice Chair of the committee since January 2021. He has helped oversee the budgets that have put Wisconsin in the strongest fiscal position in our state’s history, with a $2 billion structural surplus and an additional $2 billion in the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

Pre JFC press conference  Thursday, June 22,2023
Photo By Joe Koshollek Wisconsin State Legislature.

A Purpose Driven Life

Duey's personal life, business life and public service is deeply rooted in his faith and commitment to his community. Together, Duey and his wife, Laura, have eight children, as well as one grandchild, are dog owners to a Lab and St. Bernard, and are active members of First Immanuel Church in Cedarburg. He believes the family is an essential foundation of our country.

A Lifetime of Public Service

Duey has served on the board of directors of local financial institutions and has been active in a number of local government positions, both elected and appointed.  Realizing the importance of giving back, Duey has volunteered his time coaching youth sports, dedicating countless hours of time and resources to help kids reach their full potential.  Overall, he has been involved in numerous groups and activities in the local community for years.

Duey is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys running, fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, and, when he has free time, working on his vintage cars.

Duey has never viewed his time in public office as a career, but as a way of giving back in the form of public service. It truly has been and continues to be a great honor for him to serve as a Wisconsin State Senator.